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श्री गणेशाय नमः

Monday, November 9, 2009

Contribute for website is the only comprehensive website related to all the information of kesarwani community whether it is history of kesarwani community, famous personalities, or anything else. Mr. Manoj Kumar Kesarwani of Allahabad started this website and has been continuously maintaining and updating it on his personal expenses. Since long it was expected for a complete changeover of the site and to incorporate more new sections and make it more interactive, but it has been delayed due to financial constraints as there was no financial support and everything was managed by Mr. Manoj and he also has limited means.

But somehow several generous kesarwanis have come forward to donate for the cause of own community and donated money as per their convenience.

Internet has been one of the fastest and convnient medium to know, interact and keep in touch with our friends and relatives. In that sense also is serving greatly to provide information and other knowledge about our kesarwani community. Mr. Manoj need around Rs. 75000/- for development of complete website, hosting and day to day updation. To make it more atteractive and useful for the whole kesarwani community i would request my kesarwani online magazine readers to donate whatever amount possible for this noble cause or can say for your own community. A small donation can also help Mr. Manoj to make it happen.

Kesarwani brothers who have donated so far are as follows:-

  1. Mr. Manoj Kumar Kesarwani ( owner of Rs. 20,000/-
  2. Mr. Ashwini Kumar Kesarwani -Ex President, Chhatisgarh Kesarwani Vaishya Sabha, Champa - Rs. 4810/- ($ 100 contribution through Paypal)
  3. Sri Satish Chandra Kesri, Bangalore- Rs. 2501/-
  4. Mr. Sunil Kumar Keshari, Mirzapur -Rs. 2400/-
  5. Mr. Ramesh Pannalal Kesarwani, Kalyan East, Rs. 2000/-
  6. Dr. Rajat Kesarwani Rs. 1001
  7. Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Kesari, New Delhi- Rs. 1001
  8. Dr. Ramesh Chandra Kesari, Bareilly- Rs. 1000/-
  9. Mr. Shalabh Kesarwani - Rs. 1000/-
  10. Mr. Dheeraj Kesarwani, Bangalore - Rs. 1000/-
  11. Mr. Ashish Kesarwani, Mohali- Rs. 501/-
  12. Mr. Chaitanya Chandan, Bhopal, Rs. 500/-
  13. Mrs. Rupal Kesharwani, Nasik, Rs. 300/-
  14. Mr. Bhagwat Prasad Keshari- Rs. 251/-
  15. Mr. Shailesh Prabhakar, Bangalore- Rs. 221/- ($ 5 contribution - $0.43 fee)
  16. Here the name could be yours...
So far Rs. 38487/- has been collected. It is worth noting that Kesarwani Yahoo Group has around 1200 members and even if 500 members donate only Rs. 100 it would be 50000 in a day. I hope apart from kesarwani yahoo group members, any kesarwani living in any part of the world can donate for this cause. Even if anyone is unable to contribute monetary he can spread a word about the site and its benifits in the near future when every home will have a computer and net connection and ask them to donate. Our generations will love to know about kesarwani community history and its glorious past through the website.

The contribution may be sent in favour of "Manoj Kumar Kesarwani" in form of Crossed Cheque, Demand Draft in below mentioned address or directly can be deposited / transferred into account no. "018901002511 in ICICI Bank - Stadium Circle, Ahmedabad (MICR: 380229007; IFSC-ICICI0000189)" or "03071050000103 in HDFC Bank-Morbi (MICR: 363240002)". Also pl. don't forget to e-mail the full detail of contribution to Reciept will be sent after confirmation.

One can also donate through Paypal account name

Lets come together and do something for our community also...

Wish you all the best ....
Your's Vivek Kesarwani